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What is in your inspection?



All inspections performed on 1 – 4 family homes in Texas are regulated by TREC guidelines. 
Texas Real Estate Commission


Not everything is covered in a inspection, everything that is required can be found in the "Standards of Practice" for an inspector.

Be sure to ask your inspector what he/she will be covering in your inspection.


A Pre-Listing Home Inspection is for the seller to have a chance to remedy anything that the inspector finds during the inspection. This can be beneficial to the seller by avoiding delays and concessions to the buyer. This inspection may also allow the seller to ask a higher price from the start, it is also a good marketing tool by allowing the seller to say that they have made improvements to the property and even find out if you have Termites.


A Pre-Purchase Home Inspection is for the buyer to have a chance to know about anything that the inspector finds during the inspection that might be in need of repair or is a safety hazard. This can be beneficial to the buyer by avoiding problems and expenses after the purchase. This inspection may also allow the buyer to offer a lower price for the home or ask for concessions. You should also have us do a WDI (Termite) inspection before you buy.

Builder Warranty Inspections

Builders usually offer a one-year warranty on the homes they build so at the end of the warranty it is always a good idea to have a Home Inspection done so the homeowner can go back to the builder with good reason for repairs offered under the warranty.

Commercial Inspections

Commercial Inspections are for Investors to have an opportunity to evaluate any upfront costs that may need to be repaired prior to opening business.  

Investor Consultations

 We offer a low  cost Investor Consultation service just for investors. We understand  that investors might only have a few hours or minutes to make a decision  to buy the house or not, with this inspection they have the answers on  the spot. This inspection is a short get to the point inspection. This  inspection covers most items that are covered in a standard inspection  without having to wait for a report to show up in your E-Mail. We know  that an investor is aware that repairs are going to be needed on the  investment home so why do we need to tell them about the things they  already know. This inspection is VERBAL ONLY and the investor can wright  down what he needs to know on site so they can make a quick decision  weather to buy the house or not.

This inspection is only available for buyers that have not yet gone under contract or made an offer. 

Other Services

  • Swimming pool inspections (Included) (This is not an exhaustive Inspection, visual only)
  • WDI (wood destroying insects) inspections (extra charge) Texas license #781201
  • Irrigation inspection (Included) 
  • Phased inspections (extra charge)
  • Draw inspections (extra charge)

About Us

Who is "Magnum Home Inspections"?



Magnum Home Inspections is a Texas corporation based in San Antonio, Texas.

It's  owner has been in the construction and related business for over 30  years. With a background in Irrigation, Real Estate and Construction the  Home Inspection business was a perfect match.

Full Disclosure



Kevin  Lipscomb is also a Texas Real estate Agent LI#628543, this is why  Magnum HI has more than one Inspector on staff not only to avoid any  conflict but also so that you will never need to wait for an inspection.

Under Sec. 1102.303. of the Texas ACTING IN CONFLICTING CAPACITIES CODE. An inspector may not act in a transaction in the dual capacity of inspector and:
(1) undisclosed principal; or
(2) broker or salesperson.
Added by Acts 2001, 77th Leg., ch. 1421, Sec. 2, eff. June 1, 2003.
At NO time will any of our Inspectors be involved in any transaction that could be considered a conflict of interest.

About The Owner


 Kevin Lipscomb  grew up in Springfield Missouri until the age of eighteen when he joined  the United States Air Force in 1978, after he left the Air Force he  moved back to Springfield with his new wife where he went to work for  the family agricultural business. After about three years he moved his  family to Norway where he worked for five years in the construction  industry. In 1991 he moved his family to San Antonio and started a  Landscape / Irrigation business, later adding Holiday Decorating to the  line of accomplishments. In 2013 Kevin became a Texas Realtor and in 2014 became a licensed Home inspector. TREC license #21014 working hand in hand  with realtors and clients to make your life easier.

The Magnum Home Inspections, Inc. Difference


  With our Drone Technology we can see the hard places to reach! 

From our initial consultation to the final report, you won't find a company more committed to your needs.

When you have questions, our trained, professional, and well-groomed staff is always ready to help.

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Important Limitations and Disclaimers


This disclaimer must be signed before any report will be released. No refunds of fees paid will be made for failure to sign this disclaimer.

The Property Inspection Report, reports on only the items listed and  only on the current condition of those items as of the date of  inspection. The report reflects only if the items inspected are observed to be “operable” or “inoperable” at the time of inspection;  that is whether such items are observed to serve the purpose for which  they are ordinarily intended, at this time. The report reflects only  those items that are reasonably observable at the time of inspection. NO  REPRESENTATION OR COMMENT is made concerning any latent defect or  defects not reasonably observable at the time of the inspection or of  items which require the removal of major or permanent coverings. For  example, but without limitation, recent repairs, painting or covering  may conceal prior or present leak damage which is not reasonably  observable by the inspector and no representation or comment can be  made. NO REPRESENTATION IS MADE CONCERNING ANY OTHER CONDITION OR THE  FUTURE PERFORMANCE OF ANY ITEM. NO REPRESENTATION IS MADE AS TO ITEMS  NOT SPECIFICALLY COMMENTED UPON. ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED,  NOT SPECIFICALLY STATED HEREIN ARE EXCLUDED AND DISCLAIMED. If a comment  is made concerning the condition of any item, the Client is URGED to  contact a qualified SPECIALIST to make further inspections or  evaluations of that item. Client must notify Magnum Home Inspections,  Inc. in writing of any complaints within seven (7) days of the date of  inspection and must thereafter allow prompt re-inspection of the item in  question. Otherwise, all claims for damages arising out of such  complaint are waived by Client. If Client institutes any legal action  concerning this inspection, and fails to prevail on all causes of action  alleged, Client shall be liable to Magnum Home Inspections, Inc. for  all of its attorney’s fees incurred in such action. Actual damages for  any breach of contract or warranty, negligence or otherwise are limited  to the amount of the inspection fee paid. The Client, by accepting this  Report or relying upon it in any way, expressly agrees to these  Limitations and Disclaimers.

At Magnum Home Inspections we recommend that a termite / pest inspection  be performed on every home. We do not inspect for pest and or insects  of any kind. Client further acknowledges, agrees, and authorizes Magnum  Home Inspections, Inc.  to provide their contact information (including  telephone number) to a third-party service provider (“TSP”), with which  Magnum Home Inspections, Inc. may affiliate with to offer the client  additional value-added services. Magnum Home Inspections, Inc. may in  some cases be compensated for making these arrangements in order to keep  inspection prices at a minimum.

You are also notified that Kevin Lipscomb (the owner of Magnum Home  Inspections, Inc.) is also a licensed Real Estate Agent in the state of  Texas, and that his current broker of record is MISSION REAL ESTATE  GROUP Realty of San Antonio. If you have as your real estate agent  another MISSION REAL ESTATE GROUP real estate agent you are given notice  that they both work under the same broker and that if you feel that this  could be a conflict then you should not agree to this disclaimer and  find another inspector.  From time to time Magnum Home Inspections, Inc.  may have other inspectors employed that are Licensed real estate agents  and they may or may not be under the same broker and that it is your  responsibility to confirm if your inspector might have a conflict with  your inspection. (This information is in the “About Us” section of this  website). AT NO TIME WILL MAGNUM HOME INSPECTIONS, INC. TAKE PAYMENT OF  ANY KIND FROM ANOTHER AGENT OR BROKER FOR YOUR (THE CLIENT) SERVICES.

For more information concerning your rights, contact the Consumer  Protection Division of the Attorney General’s Office, your local  District or County Attorney, or the attorney of your choice.

Be certain that you have read, agree with and FULLY and COMPLETELY understand the  provisions of this disclaimer and that the inspection is not a warranty  or guarantee. The inspection is essentially visual, it is not  technically exhaustive, and it does not imply that every defect will be  discovered. It is only a statement of opinion and/or condition as of and  on the date of inspection. 

To view, sign or print the entire Disclaimer please click the link at the top of this page or click this button



Home inspection is regulated by the  TEXAS REAL ESTATE COMMISSION for more information please click the link button below.

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